Uncategorized September 18, 2023

Fall Design Trends

 Home décor featuring curves, texture and warm woods

Fall is a time of transitions. Students are back in school. The weather is cooling down. And for many, it’s time for a home décor refresh. For some, this involves the beginning of many changes, adjusting the décor to match the upcoming holidays. For others, it’s a time to update the home to the latest design trends. So, what are these? Let’s take a look!

Muted Earth Tones

Earth tones have been all the rage in the design world for some time, as they tend to be soothing and natural. However, the specific colors are trending to more muted shades. According to Nancy Hooff of Carter Kay Interiors in a piece by Elle, “keeping a room wrapped in quiet earth tones, the rich natural colors of Mother Nature, right outside the window, are allowed to be more visible and more pronounced than if they are fighting stronger colors used on interiors.” Picture the beautiful shades of brown, green, yellow, orange, and red, but toned down. They will still create a warm, cozy space, but allow Earth’s natural colors to pop.

Natural Elements

Speaking of an emphasis on nature, natural elements are still trending in the fall décor scene.  Incorporating natural elements into the home can increase a feeling of serenity, security, and comfort. Adding plants, stone, wood, water features, or increasing natural light are all ways to include natural elements in your home. One thing to keep in mind is that imperfections are also trending and create authenticity and charm, which is valued by many in the design world.


When including natural elements, try to integrate décor that has texture. There are lots of ways to do this, but consider adding a variety of plants, twigs, flowers, dried grass, or moss throughout your home. Wicker chairs or rattan lighting pieces have also become increasingly popular. Beyond natural elements, other trending ways to increase texture are by using fabrics such as velvet and bouclé or by adding a knit blanket. Regardless of the season, keeping textural elements in your home is an important aspect of home design and should always be considered when you are giving your interior décor a facelift.


Keeping with the desired aesthetic of coziness, curves are still a popular design trend this fall. Curves, as opposed to sharp lines and edges, can contribute to a soft and relaxing environment. We are seeing this blend with the other trends mentioned above. For example, round, woven trays or baskets, circular velvet ottomans, curved textured accent chairs, round wooden tables, or half-circle nightstands are choices that feature the various elements that are currently in style.

Warmer Woods

As you’ve probably noticed, there is a softness and warmth to the fall design trends. So, it should be no surprise that another fashionable choice is the incorporation of warm wood elements. With wood, you can go as little or as big as you’d like when decorating. For example, you could add a few small touches, such as a warm wood picture frame or a light wood tray to accentuate your space. You could also make a few bolder changes such as adding warm wood chairs or light fixtures, or you could go big and change your cabinetry or flooring to a warmer wood shade. For many years, gray tones dominated the style domain, and slowly, but surely, warmer, more natural woods are taking their place.


There you have it! A few design trends dominating the stylistic scene this fall. As with all décor updates and changes, the best way to refresh your space is by focusing less on what is trendy, and more on what you love. If you are interested in changing your interior décor, but aren’t sure where to start, there is a realtor and home design professional in the Oak & Main Real Estate Group. Get in touch today!