Uncategorized October 6, 2023

Dog-Friendly Places Around the Triangle

Two dogs


Most people think of their dogs as part of their family. That is why, when considering where to live, people choose places where their pup or pups can thrive as well. The Triangle area is a perfect place for people and pets! There is great weather and a lot of parks to explore. Additionally, many businesses welcome and cater to dogs. Here are five dog-friendly places around the Triangle.


Patio life isn’t just for people; Raleigh Beer Garden offers a patio experience even pups will remember. Dogs can’t explore the 380+ global draft beers, but they can order something from the special Pup Menu. The 4-legged porch pups can enjoy bacon in a bowl or a puppy patty (with our without cheese). The Raleigh Beer Garden loves when canine companions visit. They even have an Instagram page especially for doggie guests. Bring your pets to explore this one-of-a-kind watering hole and tag them at RBGPINTS_N-POOCHES.


Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming has local locations in Raleigh, Cary, and Apex. It is the perfect place to pamper your pup. They offer spa services to spoil your pooch, high-quality pet supplies, and cute and creative treats. Looking to celebrate your dog? Want to give them a special experience? A trip to Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming will do the trick!


Raleigh saw a need and responded. There is one established dog park and pub and others potentially on the horizon. The general concept is to have a space for both owners and dogs to socialize. Happy hounds can get their energy out with their pup friends. And owners can simultaneously enjoy food, drinks, and human companionship. Here are a few that we know of right now:

West Street Dog

West Street Dog is not your typical doggie daycare. This multi-use space offers dog daycare on weekdays and overnight boarding for dogs and cat. In addition, there is an indoor play space for dogs with a full bar for their owners. There are different day pass and membership options so pet owners can customize their dog’s experience.

The Yard

The Yard will offer animal owners a relaxing space where they can enjoy local, organic fare while their pets play. There will be 8,000 square feet of a nontoxic, fenced-in play space to run around it. The Yard will be located in Raleigh’s Boylan Heights neighborhood.


Looking to crush your friends at air hockey? Get a new high score playing pinball? Reminisce with some Pac-Man? You can do all of this, with your pet. Boxcar Bar & Arcade welcomes your dog, both inside and out. They offer them free treats, water, and a place in the shade, even when outside. Let your pup join the #boxcarbowows and live their best life!


When moving to the Triangle area, there is no need to leave your pups at home. There are so many amazing places that will welcome your dogs with open arms (or paws). If you’d like to learn about more dog-friendly places around the Triangle, contact the Oak & Main Real Estate Group! We are happy to help!