Uncategorized November 6, 2023

Holly Springs, NC: A Great Place to Live

Many people relocate to the Holly Springs, NC area every year. Sometimes it’s for a job. Other times it’s to be closer to family. Much of the time it’s because the town of about 47,000 people has so much to offer its residents. In 2023, WalletHub ranked it as one of the best small cities in America, after considering factors like education, health, quality of life, and more. Let’s take a closer look at some of the many things “the Springs” offers its residents and why Holly Springs, NC is a great place to live!


Holly Springs schools have a fantastic reputation. Clients who have relocated within the town of Holly Springs have shared that they weren’t worried about moving across town. This was because they were confident that any school within the city would be wonderful.

There are top-notch public schools, charter schools, Montessori schools, and private schools. Additionally, Holly Springs sports an active homeschooling community. With fantastic options spanning across grade levels and city-wide, the schools alone are a reason that Holly Springs is great place to live.


Holly Springs has a variety of playgrounds, parks, and green spaces. Jones Park, Womble Park, Veterans Park, and Ting Park all have playgrounds and other amenities. You can find a disc golf course, horseshoe pits, gaga ball pits, sand volleyball courts, a soccer center, greenway trails, fitness stations, baseball fields, tennis and pickleball courts, and outdoor basketball courts. WOW! There’s a lot of variety to meet the needs and interests of the diverse Holly Springs community.

In addition to the previously mentioned parks, Holly Springs is also home to Sugg Farm. Sugg Farm is a wide-open space park that hosts many town festivals and events. It also features a dog park so even your furry friends can play! Sugg Farm connects to Bass Lake Park, a lake and trail that provides a connection to nature and an opportunity for hiking, fishing, and canoeing.

If having park options is on your relocation checklist, you can cross that box off, now. With the parks, activities, and open spaces the town has to offer, you’ll be hard pressed to find yourself bored while exploring.


Over the past few years, Holly Springs has amped up their restaurant game. The addition of The Block on Main complex has brought more eatery options. Downtown Holly Springs has become a central place to enjoy shopping and dining. For those who enjoy a variety for their palette, Holly Springs has added restaurants with differing flavor profiles. There are Vietnamese, Japanese, Thai, Mediterranean, Italian, and Mexican options. Do you prefer more common menu items? There are lots of incredible pizzerias and burger joints. There’s even a Chick-fil-a (if you know, you know).

Perhaps your preference is to dine from the comfort of your own space. I get it! There’s nothing better than a homecooked meal. To prepare and prep, you can visit any of the town’s amazing grocery stores. Holly Springs has a lot of different choices. We encourage you to scope out each one. They all have their own fan club for different reasons!

Activities and Programs

We cannot compare Holly Springs to your current place of residence. However, Holly Springs is known for being an active community. Perhaps it’s because North Carolina is blessed with some fantastic weather (70-degree days in February, y’all!). Many people and families in the area live a pretty dynamic lifestyle. As a result, activities and programs are offered in abundance.

The town offers recreational activities to people of all ages, ranging from athletics to art & theatre to special interests like babysitting training, engineering, and nerf battles. They release a quarterly and seasonal program guide called the “Hurrahs” with plenty of opportunity to find something you enjoy. The town also hosts town-wide events like “Movie in the park,” “Canine Con” (for pups!), and a Fall Festival called HollyFest.

I’d be remiss not to mention the incredible library. Holly Springs has its own library and community center that offers a cozy space to curl up with a book. There are also quiet spaces to work and a tech hub with computers that are free to use. Saturday morning recommendation: Check out the Farmer’s Market first (which is on the same campus), and then head into the library to grab a good book!

If a solid selection of activities or program offerings rank high on your new city must-haves, you cant’ go wrong in Holly Springs. You will be one busy happy bee!


When investigating a new place to call home, most people prioritize safety. The great news is that Holly Springs tops the charts as one of the safest cities in North Carolina.

According to this article, Holly Springs ranks as the 2nd safest town in North Carolina and number 58th overall in the United States. That’s incredible! Holly Springs’ neighbors, Apex and Fuquay-Varina ranked #1 and #3 in NC and #39 and #63 in the U.S. If you didn’t have this area on your radar before, it should be now.

Why is this? One of the main things cited was low violent and property crime rates. Another contribution? The partnerships local law enforcement creates with the community.

Holly Springs truly is a special place. If you decide to call it home, you can feel confident in its recognition as one of the safest small cities.


I understand what Dorothy meant when she said, “There’s no place like home.” That’s why, when relocating, there’s a lot of pressure to find that perfect place. Holly Springs isn’t perfect (no place is), but it has so much to offer everyone who resides there. If you’d like to learn more about this spectacular place, reach out to me here or email me at lauren@laurenfours.com. I look forward to hearing from you!