Uncategorized December 8, 2023

Design Trends to Say Goodbye to in 2024

A new year brings many changes. It is a way to start fresh. To set goals or resolutions to work toward. But in with the new can mean out with the old. That includes décor and design trends. This coming year is a year to celebrate individuality and authenticity. That means that décor or design trends that are basic are no longer in style.


What’s Out?

Single Color Rooms

2024 is taking a vibrant turn, and single-color rooms are no longer cutting it. It’s time to wake up and give your eyes something exciting and unique to look at. Specifically, it’s time to bid adieu to white everything. While clean and crisp, it lacks personality. And, well, color.

When thinking of color, bolder isn’t necessarily better. Serene hues like indigos, warmer shades, or muted earth tones are still preferred. The bottom line is about using colors that are authentic to you, not just covering every wall with Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray because it is the perfect neutral.

Looking to spruce up your space? Benjamin Moore & Sherwin Williams both identified their 2024 color of the year. For Benjamin Moore, Blue Nova 825 is out of this world (pun intended). For Sherwin Williams, you will create a space that is a step up with Upward. Both are shades of blue that are not too bold but allow you to easily integrate color into your space.

Generic Décor

Keeping with the theme of individuality, generic décor is a 2024 no no. Gone are the days of shopping in the Target décor section, like everyone else. The new year is about authenticity. Rather than adorning your home in the same pieces as the rest of your neighborhood, unique pieces that tell a story are what’s in style.

Word signs that simply say “gather,” “family,” or “love,” don’t tell enough about you, and will be out of style this coming year. Art pieces that are just there for the sake of being there won’t be as valued as a vintage statement piece that means something to you.

I am giving you a full-blown excuse to buy that item you keep going back to because you love it so much. I’m encouraging you to find those small, local businesses that can create unique décor pieces just for you. Embrace your uniqueness, and let it shine through your home décor.

Open Floor Plans

In recent years, many people have started spending more time at home. As a result, open floor plans are glaringly showcasing a lack of privacy. As we head into 2024, you can expect to see home spaces used more purposefully, and to see unique ways to create more separation throughout.

According to an article on Marthastewart.com, New York-based designer Madeline Merin acknowledged, “People who grew up in [constrained spaces] wanted a more open, casual feeling as they created their own homes. [But] home sized have continued to grow ever larger… and people are seeing a need for greater definition of the increased space they have to work with.”

If your space is already open, how do you adjust to this design trend? You can creatively use bookshelves, console tables, or simple rearrange the furniture in a way to promote more defined spaces.


The concept of minimalism is not headed out the door any time soon. However, minimalistic homes can often be lacking in character. As we head into 2024, you won’t see minimalistic homes start filling with stuff. But you may see the spaces showcase more unique furniture choices, or bits of color.

Minimalistic design is often dominated by functionality and the concept that “less is more.” The core of minimalism is not going out of style, but the move from a sterile and cold kind of minimalism to warm and more authentic interiors is likely.

Mass-Produced Furniture

Again, if furniture is mass-produced, it lacks personality and distinctiveness. One-of-a-kind furniture and décor will be focused on in 2024. Yes, that might mean it’s time to reevaluate your Ikea home pieces (no hate mail, please!).

Furniture that is produced in abundance also often lacks eco-friendliness and sustainability. It may be made with cheaper materials that don’t hold up as well over time. This means that mass-produced furniture will likely need to be discarded more regularly. All that furniture waste will fill up our landfills and isn’t exactly great for the environment.

Instead, having custom-made furniture pieces, or pieces that utilize more sustainable materials will be more durable and more unique.


What Design Trends Are Still In?

Although there are always changes in décor trends, there are a few trends that will be hanging on into the new year. Think serenity, peacefulness, and calm.

Bringing Nature Indoors

We all know the benefits of being outdoors. It can improve someone’s mood, relieve anxiety and stress, and have a restorative effect. Luckily, the concept of bringing nature indoors is not going out of style in the new year.

Increasing natural light inside the home, using houseplants and floral décor or prints to decorate, incorporating natural materials and textures, and utilizing calming earth tones or natural colors are all ways to bring nature indoors.

Wellness-Inspired Choices

Keeping with the calming trend, wellness-inspired choices are also hanging around in 2024. What do I mean by wellness-inspired choices? Creating spaces or implementing décor that maximizes your mental health.

How can you do this? Design your bedroom using furniture, décor, and colors that promote rest and relaxation. Create spaces that are clean and clear of clutter. Add décor pieces that make you feel happy. Alter your bathroom décor to create a more spa-like space. Add cozy textures and materials in your living room or on a chair to have a peaceful place to read a book or wind down. The options are endless, but whatever you choose, make sure it fits you.


Although I like to keep you posted on ways to design or decorate your home and keep you in the loop with new trends or colors that are in and which are going out of style, I want to reiterate this bottom line: you do you. It is highly impractical (not to mention expensive) to redesign your home according to every new trend. Your home should always reflect you and your likes, tastes, and interests.

If you are struggling to figure out what you like and how to incorporate your authentic self into your home, the Oak & Main Real Estate Group can help. In 2024, say goodbye to design trends you don’t like, and hello to ones that are more you.